Developing L&D Teams

Developing L&D Teams

L&D needs to be aligned with the business if it is to deliver learning solutions that have a real commercial impact.  
We work with Learning & Development teams to develop their commercial awareness and strategic alignment.  We also help teams create and develop their internal brand through alignment with company and department values. 

We provide a number of training solutions and workshops geared around the following topics:

Commercial Awareness 
This workshop looks at developing your understanding of what organisations need to do to be profitable and successful.  It will help you build your team’s knowledge of the business and its challenges and improve your team’s relevance in the workplace to be seen as a real value-added partner. 
We will explore your own organisation’s values, competitors, key stakeholders, and current business challenges as well as the organisation’s greatest strengths and weaknesses.
We will then help you to make sense of all the information to enable you to make better, more informed decisions so that you can be a more relevant and necessary Learning & Development team.

L&D Brand
….You have one, whether you want one or not!

In this workshop we explore what a brand really is and what shapes our perceptions of a brand and why being aware of yours is so important.
We will explore your team strengths and what you want to be known for and help you identify the key steps to help you get there. 
   Building L&D Capability   
Up-skilling the training team means so much more than ‘design & delivery’ skills. L&D roles are getting more complex with more and more challenges from the business, demanding faster turn around, better value for money, on-demand solutions etc..
We will work with you to identify your development need and create a tailored solution for you and your team.
This may take the form of 1-2-1 mentoring for your trainers, group classroom training, L&D innovation workshops…  Whatever the need, we will create the right solution for you.
L&D Strategy   
Having a learning solution that is properly aligned to the business needs and challenges is crucial.  The business needs to have the right people, with the right skills, in the right place, at the right time. That is what L&D needs to enable and support with the right learning strategy.
From helping you to identify learning needs, working with key stakeholders or developing solutions, we can help you build and deploy a relevant and meaningful learning strategy to support the business and its future growth.  
   Supporting Line Managers   
The role of developing people isn’t solely the job of L&D, it’s everyone’s job.  Line managers in particular have a great opportunity to help develop individuals in their team.  They spend the most time with them and they know their team’s strengths and development areas. 
L&D can help to up-skill and equip line managers to get the best out of their teams, to stretch and challenge them, provide structured feedback and to coach and guide them. 
We can help you create your approach to supporting line managers and help you to build a selection of tools and materials that will help line managers to develop their teams.